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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Works in Progress

The mosaic to the left is supposed to be a picture of Rex Begonias but it just didn't turn out well. But I finished it yesterday because I wanted to see how the border will look after I grout it. It's amazing how quickly something interesting can turn into something odd. I didn't see it coming and by the time I realized something was wrong, it was impossible to pull up the glass.

The arch down below is the ongoing Calla Lilies mosaic. I took a picture at this point because I wanted to show my technique for putting d-rings into the back of Hardibacker. This is 1/4" Hardibacker so it's easy to drill a hole through it with a regular drill. Then I take a slight bigger drill bit and dig out a bit of the top so the screw will fit flush to the substrate. Finally I put in a machine screw which has an angled head and fits right into the little pocket I made with the larger drill bit.

Here is a close up of the screw. Normally I would put two d-rings in and string wire between them but I was so anxious to begin the picture, I forgot to put in the screw until only this much substrate was showing. I just won't try to submit it to any juried shows. :-}

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