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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mosaic Table from a Broken Vase

My dear friend Wanda brought over a large broken vase and wondered if I could do something with it. Of course, I can do something!!! I wish I had taken a picture of the vase before I broke it up because it was very beautiful. It had a black background and pink and salmon flowers on it. 

I also had this small table that I thought would be perfect. I found some matching pink, purple and turquoise tiles and started gluing. The table had rounded edges so I sliced them off to make a flat surface, not yet knowing how to finish it.

Here it is when three-quarters of the tiles are glued. I really like the way the colors match.

Yesterday I finished gluing the tiles and today I grouted it. I used charcoal grout. Below is the table after grouting but before finishing the edges. I have some 1" copper that I will attach to the edges with small copper nails. I've never done it but I've read about it in books!

I also have a new Nikon camera that I love, but it seems to have a bit of a problem with its white balance settings. The picture on the right is accurate, but the table below is off a bit. Next time I'll fix it up in Photoshop.

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