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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mosaic Mirrors

Yesterday I visited a friend to bring her a mosaic mirror she bought for a friend's wedding.

While I was there, I saw one of my mosaics that she bought last year. It's always nice to be reminded of previous mosaics I've made and especially to see them hanging in a friend's home.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mosaic Begonia and a Cute Cat

Mosaic Begonia chloristica

This weekend my friends Mike, Gary and I went to Los Angeles to attend the Westchester Begonia Show and visit with friends. I submitted my mosaic of Begonia chloristicta and won a blue ribbon. The mosaic frame also won Best in Division for the arts division. What a thrill! I used the colors of the Begonia's botanical picture in the frame's vitreous tiles.

On the right is a picture of me with the mosaic. Life is Good!

You can just barely see the division trophy (bottom left) which was a pretty ceramic pot. I probably won't be breaking it up for the next mosaic!

On Friday night, Mike spoke to an appreciative crowd at the South Bay Begonia Branch. Our dear friend Eva took us to dinner at Cozy Mels in South Bay where I had a blue margarita. What could be better! Tequila in my favorite color.

And below is the darling Biscotti sitting atop the irrigation cover. He's hoping a bird will come by to check out the birdhouses.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Mosaics at Gazebo Plants and Flowers

My friend Mike owns a gorgeous nursery and florist shop in Montecito, California called Gazebo Plants and Flowers. His shop and grounds are filled with Orchids, Begonias, Bromeliads, trees, statues, pots, fountains, silk plants and other beautiful items.  And he has been kind enough to offer to sell Joooles Design mosaics and coasters at his store!

Above is a beautiful glass table with Streptocarpus, African Violets, Bromeliads and Joooles Design garden rocks and coasters! To the right is one of my heart mirrors hanging on the wall along with more rocks on the table.  I can't think of a more beautiful place to have my work on display!