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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maggie the Dog and the Arch

 Well, I'm working on a couple things today. I've been trying to use up the substrates (bases) that I have already rather than buying new ones or going to the thrift stores to look for unusual shapes. I did find a wooden dolphin and a wooden chili pepper that I plan to work on soon.

But this is a piece of Hardibacker that I bought when I was at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland. The tesserae inside the outlines are really all black but some look blue. And as I was starting to work on it, I realized it reminded me of the logo for the Palace Cafe here in Santa Barbara!
They don't have Calla Lilies on their logo, however.

And below I've finished gluing the doggie Maggie. I was going to grout her today but it's turned out to be too hot for me outside so I'm staying inside. The cats have a rat so they're staying inside with me too.

So I'll keep working on my mosaics while the cats chase the rat from pillar to post. They lost him for a while and I looked up on these glass shelves I have and there on the very top shelf was a big tail sticking out from behind a bowl. I moved the bowl and the rat torpedoed off the shelf and flew about 10 feet. And then the race was on again!

I heard more noise in the hall just now and found Biscotti playing with a blue-bellied lizard. I'll go rescue it. The rats are harder to rescue and put back outside. They are fast!

Another enjoyable day at my house!

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