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Sunday, May 20, 2012

GVAA Artist Tour

Here was our setup for the Goleta Valley Art Association (GVAA) Artist Tour yesterday. There were three of us at this location. My area is the red tent. It was an enjoyable day, the tent kept me cool, and I sold several things. We had around 70 visitors trickle in throughout the day. So I read a book on my Kindle Fire,  worked a mosaic for a friend so visitors could watch the mosaic process, and later in the afternoon I uncorked a nice bottle of wine to wind down the afternoon.

Love Makes the Heart Explode

Blue Mirror with Bead Flowers

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Seascape Saga Complete


The seascape mosaic is finished and installed! My three favorite items, hearts, suns and cats, were missing from this piece, but there is the idea of the sun coming through the water at the top! I am very pleased with the final result.

Below is the piece hanging at the client's home. She and her son were happy, and so am I.

Seascape installed at client's home

Monday, May 7, 2012

Seascape Mosaic


I have a client who requested a scene of the sea to hang over a new sink. She said she really liked seascapes and would like it to have movement. She wanted a curved top and a large mirror that would be big enough for brushing teeth.Then she said she didn't want it to be busy. And she said she would like some beads in it like she'd seen in some of my other mosaics and she wanted me to use blues, greens and turquoise colors. She had some accessories she had purchased in those colors. 

I started out by cutting a domed piece out of Hardibacker. When she said beads I immediately thought bubbles, so I thought of an underwater scene. Then I happened across some stones and shells on one of my many, many supply shelves so I was off and running. I decided to do an underwater seascape with seaweed for movement and bubbles coming from some sea creatures. All I could find was a seahorse and the tiny fish.

Picture 2
Picture 3

So here we have the progression of the piece. My client lives in Hawaii and is leaving town on Friday so I have to finish up all the gluing today. Then tomorrow I can grout and be ready to seal it by Wednesday. I've decided to change the seaweed at the top of the piece because it's too light and doesn't stand out. The light colors denoting the sun shining through the water on the top right wash out the light colored kelp. And it is very heavy! The stones added quite a bit of weight to the piece. I hope she will like it but if not, I won't mind taking it back to sell another day!
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