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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mandala de Corazón

Here is the grouted heart mandala, Mandala de Corazón. It looks a little dusty in the picture but in person it is quite pretty. What is my obsession with hearts? And sunbursts? I don't know but I can seem to quit making them.

Here is Mr. Froggy. I should have used a lighter grout but you never know until you do it. There is a way to paint the grout after it has dried but that never works very well with charcoal grout. Maybe I should call him Chameleon since he blends quite nicely into the background.

So today I'm going to grout the blue and orange sunburst and the red sun scene with a lighter grout.

And my friend Gary slumped and fused a tequila bottle in his kiln for me. The bottle has a pleasant meaning (!) for me so I'm making it into a Blue Agave mosaic. I put some colored fabric under the bottle and glued that down. Next I'm going to put the word Tequila on top of the fabric, and finally I'll glue the bottle on top of everything. Gary was very clever and used frit to keep the bottle from rolling, so that adds a very nice color to the bottle.

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