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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Santa Barbara's First Thursday

Rodger Dawson and Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider

Santa Barbara's First Thursday was a big success! First I visited the office of our new mayor, Helen Schneider, where my dear friend and neighbor, Rodger Dawson, has one of his amazing photographs displayed. This is a photo of the front of City Hall that he has manipulated in Photoshop with a technique I've never seen done so well. His photos actually look like the most realistic paintings ever. I am super impressed with his work. Stop down at the mayor's office to see his work in person.

"Raj Mahal" and Julie at Gallery Ten-Twenty-Nine

And here I am at Gallery Ten-Twenty-Nine with my colorful mirrored mosaic "Raj Majal." Rodger's wife Gwen walked up State Street with me to see my mosaics. I must admit it is quite a thrill having my work on display.

Gallery Ten-Twenty-Nine can be reached from the parking lot behind, or by walking through Aldo's restaurant. The Artists of Step One have their very diverse artwork displayed there. Stop by and take a look!

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