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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mosaics AND Cats

The letters P A T for my friend Pat's party are all glued. An interesting thing to notice. When the dichroic glass is in the sun - second picture on left - the colors are green but when taken in the shade they are yellow. And it took many tries to get pictures of P A T because Biscotti wanted to be petted. Now I'll grout them with charcoal grout, maybe add even more sparkles and they'll be ready to go.

The lower right picture is Prancer with my almost finished Frolicking Sea Creatures. I still have to do a little color work on the grout.

You can probably tell these two cats are related. They are brothers about two years old. I've had them since I adopted them from a neighbor.


  1. Beautiful designs. This can look great even in the roof also.

  2. so cute this cat!!!I used to be little bit conscious about it but your publish gave me distinct thought.