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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meruliporia incrassata (commonly known as poria) in the Cottage

Poria Incrassata blooms

This is what the "House Eating Fungus" Meruliporia Incrassata looks like. This is the bloom, and it is quite beautiful. It happens in November and then I know I'm in trouble. So my wonderful carpenter Jim came and replaced the roof and half the front and side walls of the cottage. The fungus had eaten all the wood into a pulpy mass. .

Jim tearing out wall 

Tearing the potting bench off the back wall

Bee man cutting hole to find bee hive

Hole cut in wood and small comb uncovered
Bee episode

And this is the same back wall that Jim replaced back in November. The bees found a little hole next to a pipe and decided to move in to make their hive.

Here is a picture of the wall after Todd the Bee Man cut out the 15" hole. And Jim returned yesterday and patched up the holes and repainted. I couldn't even tell anything had been done when he showed it to me. I'll go out later and take a picture of the perfectly redone wall.

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