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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bee Man cometh!

Todd Bebb, the Bee Man, came yesterday to collect and save my swarm of bees. He fired up his smoker first and then blew smoke into the hole to make the bees hungry and more docile. Check out the plumes of smoke in the picture near the top.

Then he used his bee vac to vacuum them into the box. Although they came flying into the box, no one seemed to be hurt, and they were all soon buzzing around. Finally he put on his bee suit and cut out a large hole to expose the hive. Fortunately, there was only a small comb. Then he searched in the box to find the queen but never could locate her. He said she may have been eaten by a bird while doing her mating ritual high in the sky. That might also explain why the swarm wasn't larger. Todd took them home to add them to the one hive he has.

Bees being vacuumed into the box
Cutting out a large piece of the wall to locate the hive
The hive - not what I imagined but good that there is no honey yet to drip into the walls.
If you need to remove bees safely and humanely from your home or yard, I highly recommend Todd. If the bees have been there long enough, you might even score some honey! Todd's website is

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