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Friday, May 13, 2011

Bees swarming!

Well, this is a little off the mosaic topic, but I have a swarm of bees under one of my potting benches. They have found a little hole in the wall of my studio and have made themselves at home. They are honeybees and don't seem aggressive at all. I have been walking back and forth in front of them during the day, but this is what happens when everyone comes home with pollen on their feet. There's a traffic jam getting back into the nest..

So I've called a local bee man who plans to bring his "bee vacuum" to kindly remove them from the nest. It won't hurt them, and he will then relocate them to a hive he brings with him.

The only slightly scary thing for me is that, although I was never allergic to bees before, last year when I tried to save one that had fallen into the pool, he decided to bite me. By the time I got home, everything had started swelling. I went to my neighbors' house across the street, and they called the paramedics. So I am being cautious about these little fellows.

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  1. So whats the latest buzz on the bees?