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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tempered Glass Mosaics

Streptocarpus photo

Tempered glass is an interesting medium to work with. I have made many TG pieces and learn more each time I make one. And I have thrown a couple away! Here is an example of one I made a while back.

The picture on the left is a Streptocarpus I grow. I put the photo in Photoshop and swirled it a round a bit (second photo). Then I glued the photo to a tile,added  a border around the tile and then glued the tempered glass on top.

Photoshop adds some swirls

(Some day I'll get Blogspot to put the photos where I want them but for now I'll let it do its thing.)
Tempered Glass Glued 

Above is the tile after adhering the tempered glass to the tile. And to the right is the finished piece. I grouted it in a dark teal green.

Below are three more pieces that are made with tempered glass. They all have at least two colors of grout. When you see them in person, they have depth.

Lava Flow


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