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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mosaics and Cats

Today we have a two of my favorite topics; mosaics and kitty cats. First is a mosaic mirror I finished for a client. I'm fortunate to have a lovely garden to use for picture-taking when a mirror is involved.

Below we have a mosaic I made on a cupboard face sample given to me by my neighbor. His family owns a company that installs kitchens, offices and other cool spaces. It is a botanical of a hummingbirds with flowers that I thought matched the frame. On my next attempt at one of these clear swirly glass mosaics, I'll be more careful to make sure all the squares line up properly. As you can see, I had to make adjustments near the bottom. I'm always learning from my mistakes!

And finally we have adorable kitty pictures. First we have both boys asleep atop the divider that separates the front door from the living room. There are fluorescent lights in the top so it is warm, and the kitties love sleeping up there. If it weren't for the two tails, you might think it was just one cat.

Sleeping kitties

And finally we have Prancer asleep on the bed. Is he cute or what???
Prancer takes a nap

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