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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Mosaics

Tempered Glass

I have been working on mosaics as I promised. I just haven't posted anything lately. Here is a tempered glass circle mirror (mirror not in place yet) with colored papers underneath. I've had it glued for a while, but I'm not sure what colors to use for the grout. There is some lavender in the paper on the left bottom so I may use a combination of pink, turquoise and lavender grout.

Turquoise Bead Heart

Above is another heart I made. Since every heart I've ever made has sold, I guess people must like hearts. So this is one made with some beautiful turquoise-patterened plates I got at our local Assistance League thrift store. I also put in some beads, ball chain and a polymer clay heart I made. Quite a mishmash! But think it's pretty and hopefully someone else will also. Below is a picture of the Good Cup wall where I hung it.

It's hard hanging mosaics at the Good Cup in a pleasing (to me) manner because the tables are always filled with customers! So I usually just hang new ones where old ones have been sold. The spacing isn't always great but I'm glad they have so many customers.

Good Cup Coffeehouse

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