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Friday, March 9, 2012

SAMA and New Works

Well, I'm back from the fabulous Society of Mosaic Artists (SAMA) convention, and it was wonderful. What wasn't wonderful, however, were the tornadoes they had in Kentucky while we were there. On Friday, the loud speakers went off in the Hyatt hotel saying that the tornadoes were close by and we were to go down to the severe weather shelter. Fortunately, they passed us by but an awful lot of devasting damage was done in other parts of Kentucky. I did hang around outside for a while just because we don't really have weather like that in California. There was a lot of thunder and lightning and down pouring rain. Finally one of the hotel people told me I should probably go inside to the shelter area.

Just like last year, I came away feeling totally inadequate. The caliber of the artists is just amazing. But I took some workshops and felt that I learned a lot. And I met a lot of really wonderful people. 

I also spent a bit of time working at the Mosaic Marathon. Christine Braillier designed a gorgeous triptych of flowers, birds and sky and many volunteers spent time gluing Mexican smalti to her design. I really enjoyed working on it. The camaraderie among the workers was very special. The pieces were finished on time, grouted and installed at the Nest, a shelter for women and children in Lexington, Kentucky.  Great job, Christine! 
Mosaic Marathon
Mosaic marathon bird

Oh, and you know me well enough by now to know that I love a good margarita. I left the hotel one day searching for a good spot to eat and came across a wonderful restaurant that specialized in margaritas. I also found three other conventioneers at the same restaurant so I joined them. When they brought my drink, it had a half lime shaped into lips. So of course I had to try them on.

Now I'm back in Santa Barbara and have been working on a few new pieces. The apple was a trivet I got at a thrift store. The sunburst below is a piece of Wedi board I had that I cut to fit into this pretty frame that I painted so I matched the colors of the glass to the frame. You can't really see the pretty iridized pink & white glass I used for the background but it looks perfect with the piece. 

My show at the Good Cup Coffeehouse is going very well, so I need to make new pieces to replace those I've sold. 

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  1. Great post, Julie! Thanks for participating in the marathon. It was a pretty exciting conference, especially with the tornadoes, huh?!