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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Learning Moments

Ungrouted Flower
So here is another of those aha! moments. Above is the ungrouted flower/sunburst mosaic I posted the other day. I wanted an old-fashioned look on the frame so I first painted the frame with a burgundy paint. When that was dry, I added a coat of the green. Then I smudged some of the green paint off so the burgundy would show. I thought it looked great.

So yesterday I grouted the piece. First I put masking tape over the frame to protect it and then grouted. When I removed the masking tape, it pulled some more of the green paint off and made an even better looking frame! Now I had painted this at least a month ago so I'm surprised at what happened but I certainly like the new look. Sooooo....I learn something new nearly every time I make a new mosaic! That's half the fun!!!

Grouted flower with new look on the frame

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