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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Watering Can

Today I finished a watering can for a client. She said pink was her favorite color, sunflowers were her favorite flowers, and she wanted colors to be in drifts. So each side is different. It's interesting when I look at the flower circle side, I did not notice that it was a bit unround (is that a word?) The sunflower in the picture below was cut out of a thick plate with my ring saw. I think everything turned out well, and I hope my client likes it.

Here is another thing I don't know if I've ever said before. I prefer selling finished products. You never know if a client will like something you made especially for them. Now this isn't as true with things like house numbers though even that's a gamble. The client who ordered the plaque below wanted green, gold and purple inside the red border. Purple is a hard color to come by. My friend Gary and I went to Hollander's in L.A. to buy glass, and I bought everything I could find in purple. I probably paid more for all the glass than I received for the house number. But I think it turned out like the client wanted. 

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