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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More on Patches

It's funny that you can get a better view of a mosaic in progress by either squinting or taking a picture.
Somehow that brings everything into focus. I've made more progress on Patches, and I hope to finish gluing today. Then the usual dilemma...what color grout???

I've decided to resolve for the new year that grout color will not be an issue anymore. I will make a good grout board with all the colors I have and then use it to pick the right grout. Delaine Hackney from the Institute of Mosaic Art did this when I took her pet portrait class and her choice was perfect. I could see it too when we held up different color bars of grout. Below is one of the first sample boards I made, and I find it is very helpful when trying to choose a color.

Grout sample board

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