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Monday, December 5, 2011

Camp Ocean Pines Mosaic Workshop

The mosaic workshop at Camp Ocean Pines was a delight. The accommodations were a bit rustic (bunk beds) but there were so many wonderful artists! The first night we had no power so we used a generator to light up the craft room. Cozy!

The food was served buffet style and was so delicious. Dessert with every meal! Needless to say I was very happy. And we could work on our pieces from 7 am to whenever. Some worked far into the morning to finish their final piece. I usually finished about 9 pm.

Our instructors, Fred and Donnell, were great teachers, and I learned a lot! I was also overwhelmed by the caliber of the artists at the class. I plan to take another workshop soon!

Audubon Cabin
Crafts Workshop

Working with lights on generator
Not too comfy bunk beds

I made the mushroom on the bottom left
after two glasses of wine!
Fred and Donnell Pasion

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