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Friday, September 23, 2011

Old and New Pieces and FUSIONS!

Are you wondering what happened to the "new mosaic a week" battle cry? Well, it's still happening even though things have been very busy this last week. I did grout the wine bottles and I like the way the piece turned out. An old world look. I need to work with marble more and maybe create a hammer and hardie setup for myself. Marble is hard to cut in exactly the shape I want with just the nippers.Though I tried to put a block of cheese, a wine cork and/or a loaf of bread into the mosaic, I wasn't successful.

Both of the mirrors I made with the glass bead flowers sold at the GVAA Festival last Saturday. So I'm making another one now on an existing frame I have. It has a shabby chic finish to it in a pale green so I think these blue tiles look good.

And the exciting new thing for me is making fusions! I don't have a kiln, but my dear friend Gary, who does fantastic stained glass art, has one in his studio. He tested some green smalti bits that I had left over, and the fusion above is the result! Wow!

He also gave me several pieces of  System96 glass which is the glass to use for fusing. I am making a cat head out of it next. Though I'll never do fusions like Martin Cheek, I bet I can come up with some things that would look great in my mosaics.

I may have to buy a kiln! But one thing at a time. I'll see how the cat head turns out and then think about buying a kiln again.

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