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Sunday, September 18, 2011

GVAA Art Festival

It turned out to be a great day at the GVAA's Art Festival at Stow House.  By the afternoon the sun came out and there were lots of visitors and dogs running around. Jennifer and I were able to raise the canopy and get the show on the road! I also discovered that I could hang things on both sides of the shutter stand. Plus it worked out well for the booth next to me selling jewelry. Their customers used my mirrors to see what the pieces they liked looked like on them.

And I'd like to thank all my friends who came out to support me. They made the day pass quickly and provided a lot of assistance, humor and camaraderie. Thanks so much to Esther and Bob, Christine, Ksenia, Jody, Elaine, Ruth, and Mike and Gary. And most of all to Jennifer who was there first thing to help me set up and lastly to take everything down. I'd still be packing up stuff if she hadn't come to help me lower the canopy and pack up the car.

There were also two wonderful blue grass bands that provided music the whole day.

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  1. You had a great set up, Julie! The shutters were very clever. Nice seeing you there, talk soon!