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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mosaics with Kids (and Adults)

It's pretty interesting to watch kids and adults on their first jaunt into mosaics. My family lives in Carlsbad, CA and they came up to spend the night at my house. I thought mosaics would be a good way to entertain them and they all loved it!

The kids also had a great time in the polymer clay studio. Jeremy's favorite thing was running clay through the pasta machine over and over and over...


My nephew Mike decided not to do a mosaic piece so he read with his dog Coal. Mike still likes books although his dad and I have long since given them up for our Kindles.

My nephew Al, who is a graphic artist in real life, had a great time working with all the different materials.


Joan was really happy with her red, white and blue design since this is Fourth of July weekend.

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