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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time to get organized....arrghh!

So a couple things happened recently to spur me on to organizing my spaces (I have several rooms and a studio dedicated to my mosaicing). First a friend decided she didn't want to work with stained glass any more because she kept cutting herself. So she asked if I wanted her stash of glass. Of course I said yes, and went out to pick it up. It had been sitting outside for a long time against her garage. I washed most of it and passed the transparent pieces along to my friend Gary who works with stained glass.


Next I visited another friend who had a very organized way of storing her glass. She uses Michael's storage containers to organize glass by color. I was very impressed and went right out to Michael's and purchased four of these units. So now I've started repositing the shelves in my garage to make room for those containers. Then, since many of the sheets of glass were large, I'll need to cut them down to fit in the storage bins.
Next I moved my Beetles and Bits cutting system, circle cutter, ring saw and grinder to the studio. I'll take a picture of that later. And the most important picture, this is my helper Biscotti.

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