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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ellen Blakeley's Workshop at Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, CA

Ellen Blakeley's workshop on tempered glass was wonderful! We all made several pieces on wood, rock, and glass. Here are the works of three of my classmates. That's Tara in the middle with her friends' wedding invitation under tempered glass. We learned about coloring grouts and using multiple grout colors on the same piece. Then Ellen demonstrated how to put a final sealer on using paint tints and gel medium. There was so much information that I was a little shell-shocked at the end of the class, but I'm anxious to try it now at home.
I also dropped in on the class Lillian Sizemore was teaching on Introduction to Roman Mosaics. It looks like a class I'd like to take also. She teaches the use of a hammer and hardie for cutting stone. Here is one of the students working on her stepping stone.

Lillian Sizemore's Roman Mosaics

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