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Friday, July 4, 2014

Glass Studio

Yesterday I cleaned up the entire (almost) glass studio and thought this would be a good time to take some pictures. First I want to show you my constant pesky companions. Both boys delight in jumping up on whatever I'm working on, tail in my face. On the left is Biscotti, and on the right is his brother Prancer Dancer. It's hard to tell them apart unless you're their mommy. After that you'll see the studio as it will never look for at least another year when I get around to cleaning it again.

Also blogspot has its own mind with the pictures so if they are oddly positioned on the page, they didn't start that way.
Prancer Dancer
The table he's sitting on is a very nice oak table
I bought from a fellow on the street. The top was
marred so mosaicing it with Mexican tiles
worked out very well.

Usually I stand at this table but sometimes I'll sit on the
mosaiced kitty stool. 


This is the view looking in the front  door. There is also
another door in the back. The grinders and ring saws
are outside. I need a bigger studio.

Ipod, and storage for glass and molds.
I need more of these nice cubbies
my handyman made for me.
Non-fusible glass. I do my best to keep them separate
but since mosaics need small pieces,
I often bring them out here to cut on the Beetle Bits system.

My Paragon Caldera kiln on the left and the Paragon
Trio on the right. I have a Paragon Fusion 16 on
order! Since I only have juice enough for two
kilns, I'll move the small one into another area.

Beetle Bits system. It may not be called exactly that but I couldn't
do without it. 

Right side in closet. The molds on the
lower shelf are too big for the other holders. 
Left side of the closet. I buy these white glass holders
at Michaels. They are perfect for holding and making the glass
easy to see. 

An iridized glass plate right out of the kiln this morning. 

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