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Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Blog Update

Well, once again I made a big mistake and had to find a way to cover it up. This frame is a cupboard door from my neighbors who own a kitchen design store. They give me the doors when the patterns are no longer for sale and I make them into mosaics. Now many of the doors have an inner raised area rather than just an inset where I can put the mosaic.

I loved the color on this one so I fiddled around and put Italian marble in the recessed area and thought it looked pretty good. I made some fused glass pieces in the shape of a wine glass and a wine bottle. I was liking it more and more! Then I filled in the rest of the background with an outdoor scene. I was quite pleased with my work!!

The Goleta Valley Art Association had an ingathering last Friday so I got out the drill to make holes for the hanging hardware in the back. And I drilled one of the holes through to the front! I couldn't believe my stupidity. Or carelessness!

So I remembered some little stars I had and used one to cover the hole! I put a few more to make it believable. And I think it still looks pretty good.

Sometimes I think I have too many geegaws but then something like this happens and I'm glad I have them.

I've been working hard to create new mosaics for my upcoming show in April. And I finished one of the two cat mosaics a friend has commissioned of her cats. I struggle mightily with these cat portraits. This is Charlie with Biscotti giving it a final rub. My friend was very patient with me but once I finish her second cat, I think it will be the last cat mosaic I make. At least for other people. I like the ones I've done of my Orange Boy and Patches. But making a mosaic really look like a photo isn't easy for me. I'm happier with a blue Patches!


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